I went to the skating ring with my aunt and my brother and my friend and the parents. I know how to skate I saw riyle he was there for a birthday. I was to me and my brother and my aunt and my friend no how to skate it was so much fun riy had glowing stuff oh him me and riyle no how to skate .


I sleep over my aunts house we were out side rideing our scooters.so we got wet with water balloons they were very cold to me. so my cousin came to get wet with us. came and my brothers came to so we were all riding something so I had fun and it was cousins calibration so we got to have cake but I did not like the icing so I took it off the cake. We were still in there


We were skypeing with marice and David they live in western Austrilla.They live oh a boat .They see dolphins in the ocean.they saw kangaroos Marcie neeled down and they went up to her.they said that they see manta rays.they also said that they see big whales.they said that they see sherks but that they or not that big.


I went to my aunts house and was riding my scooter it was fun then my mom went the store so I was play manhunt With my aunt my friends and Matt. we had so much fun so we stoped play manhutt. so we played truth or dare I did not get to play cause I was in side eating. so they were Matt and my aunt and my brother and my other aunt was playing. I so did not get to


We got baby catapilrs they are really little.we are gonna watch them grow in to butterflies . It is gonna be cool to watch them they got lots of food in there jar there are in there larva they have for stages they are about 1cm they are not that big they look really small right now it is gonna be awesome


I like all of the activates with Casey they were fun I like that we got to dance it was so awesome mrs.shearin was so nice to us it was fun to help then do it some peoples partners left so they did the activates it was fun cause we got to go to the rocks and play with them nobody had a bad attitude they all had good attitudes Nobody got hurt while we were over there I liked all the activities I had a super duper good Attitude it was awesome


We were bartering in class.we all had a bag of stuff then we had to walk around and trade our stuff if we wanted to